AGE:  20

HEIGHT:  5' 0"

EYES:  Blue

OBSESSIONS:  I am literally addicted to chocolate, I have to have some every day!!

FAVORITE MUSIC:  Trance/techno

FAVORITE MOVIE:  Great Expectations (have watched it over 10 times!!)

Q & A

What first interested you about modeling with

I have done a couple of other modeling projects before (hair, S&M), so I always check out the modeling offers that are out there. It's a lot of fun and you meet a lot of interesting and fun people (including Rhett!). When I saw the ad for Nail Modeling, the first thing that came to mind is Fun!! I thought it would be cool to get my nails done, model them and couldn't wait to see how I would look. As you can see, the pictures turned out great, including all of the other model's work so I hope you enjoy!!

What do you think about fetishes such as a Long-Nail Fetish?

I think it's interesting to find out about different people's fetishes. Most people are too embarassed about it. I find it very sexy to have your own fetish. Everyone has one! There are some pretty interesting ones out there!

If your lover had a long nail fetish, would it be easy or fun for you to satisfy the craving?

I would definitely do it for my lover because it would be a lot of fun. He would enjoy every thing that I would do with them. The best part would be in the bedroom ;). I would tease him like mad with those nails!!! I would probably have more fun than he would!!

What type of material are you excited about creating in the future?

I would love to work with one of the other models or more! They are all georgeous in there own unique way. I think it would be a lot of fun. Having some fun playful shots as well as some sensual ones. It would definitly make for some interesting material!


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