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AGE:  22

SIGN:  Virgo

HEIGHT:  5' 6"

EYES:  Brown



BODY MODS:  Two Tattoos

FROM:  Chicago

OCCUPATION:  Interior Design/Fetish Furniture Design


FAVORITE COLOR:  Depends on the season: Summer; pink and white, Autumn; browns, greens, yellows, Winter; white, blue, black, Spring; blue, yellow.

FAVORITE MUSIC:  Commercial punk (I know, I know), some industrial, electro-clash, 80's

FAVORITE MOVIE/WEBSITE:  Movies: Fear & Loathing (the book as well), I'm so not into plays.... Website: Iamtrouble.com (Masuimi Max)

HOBBIES:  Designing and building furniture (Designing for now) of the "fetish" sort.

MY FETISHES:  Light latex fetish (I don't *need* it, but it's fun), --- shoes, shoes, shoes ---

Q & A

How do you normally wear your nails?

My nails are almost always au' natural... Kept about 1/2inch long or until they start breaking. I like the tips to be square, not oval - and I always prefer a french manicure however depending on the event I'm attending, I will go with wild, sexy colors like platinum, bleach white, bright red etc.

Describe your salon experience when you had your nails done for the modeling shoot?

Nail techs can be brutal. I prefer my hands to be pampered, not abused... but it was worth it in the end. Each nail took nearly 20 minutes to complete. It was a very long appointment - but I LOVED the results.

What was it like to model for FetishNails.com?

A blast, a total blast. The experience was something I'll remember for a lifetime, and maybe something I'll start getting more and more into.

What do you think about fetishes such as a long nail fetish?

So far, I'm really digging what I see.

Do you like the way you look in ultra long nails?

I loved the way I looked in those killer nails. So ultra-vixen, so femme, so deadly.

What do you think about fetishes such as a long nail fetish?

So far, I'm really digging what I see.

What would your friends say if you told them you were going to sport some fetish length nails for a month?

They wouldn't be very surprised. My friends are used to me doing things *differently*

What first interested you about modeling with fetishnails.com?

Experiencing something new, something I haven't given much thought to in the past --- and knowing that it might open up a whole new world for me.

Would you consider growing or wearing your nails at the length you wore for modeling?

Not that long, but probably half.

What would it take to get you to consider it?


If you wore fetish length nails, How do long would it take you to get used to them?

I was already getting fairly used to them by the end of the shoot.

Have you ever known anyone with a nail fetish?

Not personally, but I've seen it before.

If your lover had a long nail fetish, would it be easy or difficult for you to satisfy the craving?

If my lover has any fetish, I'd satisfy it. -- So, easy.

What kind of shots on the website are your favorite? What would you like to see more of?

I'm really into the artistic shots, and facial expressions with the nails.

Have you ever had your nails done at a salon before the modeling?

I've never had acrylic, but I've had my fair share of manicures and pedicures.

Where can we see more of you?

You can find me on YaqisWorld.com, STARandGARTER.com, AgnarsPhotoDen, MK-Magazine.com, SECRET-Magazine.com, LustLoveLatex.com, RetroKitten.com, GothChix.com, ChicagoFetishist.com, CaesarCole.com and my personal modeling website - www.NotAsian.com