AGE:  24

SIGN:  Scorpio

HEIGHT:  5' 9"

EYES:  Chocolate Brown

FROM:  Texas

OCCUPATION:  Administrative Assistant

OBSESSIONS:  pugs, shoes, bags, PVC


FAVORITE MUSIC:  WIDE variety, usually a little off from center

FAVORITE MOVIES:  Nightmare Before Christmas, Better off Dead

FAVORITE FN SHOT:  Alexia Shrinkwrapped

HOBBIES:  Sewing, Reading, Tattoos

DID YOU KNOW:  I just started taking Kung Fu classes!

Q & A

How long do you normally wear your nails?

I normally wear acrylic nails about a quarter of an inch past the end of my finger. Sometimes they are a litte shorter and sometimes a little longer. I do a lot of typing througout my day so I need to keep them at a semi-resonable length or I can't type very fast. Usually I wear them in a french manicure. I like the classy way it looks which, I think is sexy. I have my toenails painted in a french pedicure a lot but sometimes I paint them cute girly pink or red colors. Today I'm vampy and I have black toenails. One of my favorite things to do is get my nails done. I go to the salon about every two weeks to get my acrylic nails touched up and usually get a pedicure as well.

What do you think about fetishes such as a long nail fetish?

I love 'em. Fetish to me screams sexy. Personally, I like the look of BDSM. I like the way fetish gear like corsets and PVC make the body look. To me it's all about eye candy. And of course I love long nails or I wouldn't be on this site.

What would your friends say if you told them you were going to sport some fetish length nails for a month?

They wouldn't be surprised. They quit being surprised at the things I do a long time ago.

What you were expecting when you decided to investigate modeling for Was the actual experience close to what you expected?

I had no idea what to expect when I first contacted Rhett for When I first emailed him about modeling I had no idea existed. He emailed me back with the web address and I was floored by how cool the site was. All the models looked like they were having a great time, the shots looked fun AND it was a fetish site which kind of sealed the deal for me. I told Rhett I was very interested and everything from that point has been great! My first shoot was a lot of fun. I have to say I was exhausted by the end of the day. Rhett is great to work with and he really allowed my fun side to come out. He was very receptive to my ideas and I think every one of his ideas were great!

Besides nails, what are some of your favorite fetish activities?

I love high heels. Well, I just love shoes. The boots I wore in "lacing 101" are the coolest shoes ever! Fetish shoes are just great, they are empowering and dominating all at the same time.


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