AGE:  20ish

SIGN:  Gemini

HEIGHT:  5'6"

EYES:  Blue

FROM:  Los Angeles

OCCUPATION:  Bookkeeper


FAVORITE MUSIC:  Old Time Rock n' Roll


FAVORITE FN SHOT:  The one with the roses

UNUSUAL FACT:  I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue

Q & A

How do you normally wear your nails?

A little long and square with rounded courners and I try a new color every other week.

Describe your salon experience when you had your nails done for the modeling shoot.

It was great! After I got the nails on I was not used to having them so long, I could not do anything for myself so the girls at the salon had to help with me it all!

What was it like to model for

Very fun, it was the most unique model shoot I had ever done!

What do you think about fetishes such as a long nail fetish?

I really like most fetishes, I think variety is the spice of life!

What first interested you about modeling with

I saw the photos on the site and they looked like the girls were really having a good time...

Would you consider growing or wearing your nails at the length you wore for modeling?

I would do it if I was on vacation because then I would not have to worry about typing or cleaning with them on!

If you wore fetish length nails, How do long would it take you to get used to them?

I think just a couple days, I started to get used to them by the end of the shoot and was a little sad to see them go.

Have you ever known anyone who would wear their nails ultra long?

I had a friend in high school who had really long toe nails!

If your lover had a long nail fetish, would it be easy or fun for you to satisfy the craving?

For sure!

What would you like to see more of at FN?

I think REALLY long toe nails would be fun to see!


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