AGE:  20's

SIGN:  Cancer cusp Leo

HEIGHT:  5' 6"

EYES:  Green

FROM:  A Small Town in the Panhandle of TEXAS

OCCUPATION:  Stay-at-Home Mom and Part-Time Model/Actress/Singer/Dancer

OBSESSIONS:  Oh yeah - the beach!   I love palm trees, coconuts, tanning oil, pineapples, seashells, scuba diving - if it's at the beach I like it.   Well, not the garbage that washes up, but you know what I mean.   Other than that, I love music, art, and reading, shopping and travelling.   My goal is to visit all 7 continents sometime during my life.

FAVORITE COLOR:  Turquoise, the color of the ocean over white sand beaches - It's the most calming color of all!

FAVORITE MUSIC:  Rap (easy-e, lil kim, notorious BIG, etc), 70s/80s metal/hairbands (RATT, KISS, Alice Cooper, etc.), disco, pop, some country, and classical (gotta relax sometime). I like pretty much everything but 90s grunge (ick!)

FAVORITE MOVIES:  Anything that makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts the next day. I.E.: Detroit Rock City, Kings of Comedy, Next Friday, the Groove Tube and all the Austin Powers movies. Also, I just love those intense movies too: Pulp Fiction, Basic Instinct, Natural Born Killers, American Beauty, and Scarface.

HOBBIES:  Crossword Puzzles (I'm such a geek at heart!), dancing/singing (stress relief), reading, and watching forensic TV shows

DID YOU KNOW:  Uhhh.......lets' see, where do I start... I lived in Africa for a few years as a kid (dad was a medical missionary), I've got a degree in Art History from TX Tech (go Red Raiders!) and I was accepted into college at age 12.


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Q & A

How long do you normally wear your nails?

Well, it depends -- before I had kids I wore them pretty long, and always with french white tips. I was an exotic dancer and we ALL used that yellow stopper topcoat that glowed under the strip club lights. But then I used to tan constantly and had a trainer and all that........ Then I got married and had kids and, well, I just can't have them that long and change diapers, that might be dangerous. lol. So, I put on nails when I have a photo shoot or runway show coming up, but they aren't ridiculously long. Then the rest of the time I have the short and natural and just condition and fortify them and my cuticles until I put those nails on again.

Describe your salon experience when you had your nails done for the modeling shoot:

It was great! The girl who did my nails was soo totally cool. I really enjoyed it. I usually don't talk to the nail tech, I would read or talk on my cell or whatever, but this girl was a blast. She was so nice and cracked me up, and, heck, anyone who can make me laugh scores big in my book. All the other customers kept staring, I'm sure they thought I was totally crazy! One of them said "I think I want her to scratch my back" - it was pretty funny. Anyway, all in all, great fun experience!

What do you think about fetishes such as a long nail fetish?

I think everyone has some fetish. You may not know about it, but everybody does. I think it's cool when you can actually verbalize or conceptualize what it is you really like.

Do you like the way you look in ultra long nails?

Hell, yeah. They LOOK awesome. Unfortunately, they aren't very useful in real life. But, they look great!

What would your friends say if you told them you were going to sport some fetish length nails for a month?

I'm sure they'd say I was nuts. But, heck, if I didn't have to DO anything but sit around and do nothing it wouldn't be a big deal. They all know I'm always doing SOMETHING outlandish.

Would you consider growing or wearing your nails at the length you wore for modeling?

In another life maybe, if I was a pampered princess with no dishes to wash, or kids to diaper, or emails to type or bathtubs to scrub -- Sure, I'd wear them that long. I'm always pushing the envelope as far as my image is concerned.

If you wore fetish length nails, How do long would it take you to get used to them?

I don't know. The first time I got them done it took me a few days to get used to it. But, I've never worn them THIS long before - it might take awhile.

Have you ever known anyone with a nail fetish?

no.........but then again, most people don't just come right out with their fetishes. So, I might very well know/have known someone with one and never knew it. I've known some foot fetish guys before -- they just LOOOOVE my feet. lol.

If your lover had a long nail fetish, would it be easy or fun for you to satisfy the craving?

Sure, I'd do anything for him. Of course, he'd have to take over the day-to-day diapering, washing, scrubbing, cleaning, etc. Hell, that might not be so bad.

What kind of shots on the website are your favorite?

I like the artsy looking ones. Like the B/W one on the front page.

What are some of your favorite nail colors?

I like beige and also bubblegum pink with a tan and flourescent orange/pink with a tan is good too. And for winter, I go with straight red or metallic boudeaux/merlot colors. And the main one -- Big Apple Red on the toes and french manicure on the fingers.

Besides nails, what are some of your favorite fetish activities?

I plead the 5th. (grin)

Do you have any special talents that we would like to know about?

I can do all sorts of tongue tricks. I can wave it side to side, front to back and do the clover. And then for the boring stuff: I play piano, trumpet, french horn, baritone. I snow-ski, do gymnastics, dance and sing. (not all at the same time, mind you)

What are some of your long term career goals?

As far as modeling goes, I want to be in a Maxim/Stuff/FHM type mag. But, beyond that, I am about to start law school and I just want to be able to help people in legal trouble. I'll leave it at that.

Have you ever had your nails done at a salon before the modeling? For what event?

Yeah, a lot, but not for any event. Just for life in general. Love those nails!