Danielle was one of my first models to shoot with in 2003. She answered an ad in a local paper. When we met for the interview, I was so struck with her beauty that I convinced myself I had to have her on the site regardless of the price, conditions, etc. Unfortunately, she was thinking I was a regular hand modeling gig and was a little put off with the fetish nature of the site. Luckily she agreed to model so long as her face/identity was hidden. Danielle has the longest fingers for her size I have ever seen. Her full set of nails is stunning in every way.


AGE:  22

SIGN:  I'm a LEO baby!! And it fits perfectly!!

HEIGHT:  5' 9"

EYES:  Dark Brown

FROM:  Texas

OCCUPATION:  Right now I work at Victoria's Secret and as a Chiropractic Assistant.

OBSESSIONS:  Shopping and traveling Australia!!

FAVORITE COLOR:  Black and White

FAVORITE MUSIC:  Techno and Dance.

FAVORITE MOVIES OR PLAYS:   I like alot of different movies, I graduated with a degree in Telecommunications focusing on film and television. One of my favorites is "Life is Beautiful" in Italian!!

HOBBIES:  Working out, dancing, and shopping!!

UNUSUAL FACT:  Nothing too unusual..I lived in Australia for 6 months working at a TV station there...lived in France for 1 month working at the Cannes International Film Festival...partied with movie stars in French Villas,....way fun!!)

Q & A

How do you normally wear your nails?

Naturally they are always 1/4 to 1/2 inch, square tip, french manicure!!

Have you ever had your nails done at a salon before the modeling? For what event?

All the time...Just whenever I wanted it!!

Describe your salon experience when you had your nails done for the modeling shoot.

LONG...but interesting...

What was it like to model for

Strange...never heard of anything like this before...hopefully I will try some more moves...

Do you like the way you look in ultra long nails?

Too long of nails look fake....I have naturally long nails and like the way they look more!!

What would your friends say if you told them you were going to sport some fetish length nails for a month?

They would tell me I was crazy...I would have to agree...have you ever tried getting dressed with those things??

What first interested you about modeling with

Everyone has always told me that I had "Model Hands" and should do it!!

Would you consider growing or wearing your nails at the length you wore for modeling? What would it take to get you to consider it?

First, my nails don't curve like that they are straight,....Second....I couldn't do my jobs with would take alot of money and time to get me to try it!!

If you wore fetish length nails, How do long would it take you to get used to them?

A day or two at least!!

If your lover had a long nail fetish, would it be easy or fun for you to satisfy the craving?

I might on rare occasions, too much time and maintenance...

What are some of your favorite nail colors?


Besides nails, what are some of your favorite fetish activities?

I am a slight exhibitionist....that is so much fun!! :)