AGE:  25

HEIGHT:  6'0"

DRESS:  Size 4/6

SHOE:  Size 10

MEASUREMENTS:  34c-26-36

OCCUPATION:  Model and Actress

OBSESSIONS:  Shopping and the Color Pink

FAVORITE MUSIC:  Dance, 80's Rock

FROM:  Des Moines, Iowa - but definitely a Vegas girl at heart!

FAVORITE MOVIES:  All the silly teen movies, and most comedies, I can always go for a good laugh! I love whatching movies!

FAVORITE FN SHOT:  I love all the pics we shot that day and the girl on the front with the long blonde hair and pink dress. I have a thing for blondes!

UNUSUAL FACT:  I used to fix up classic cars and even race them when I was younger, now I have modeled for almost every car company.

HOBBIES:  Helping people, I try to spread as many smiles as possible throughout the day!I am also an amazing cook!

TURN ONS:  Long hair and tattoos, blondes, short skinny chics, and loud bass at a dance club, and wine..

TURN OFFS:  Loud short men, pick up lines, unhonest people, theives..

MY FETISHES:  I like sweat and pretty toes, also men who aren't afraid to try anything, and I mean ANYTHING!

Q & A

Are you for real?

People are always questioning whether I'm for real or not.... Ok my hair wouldn't naturally be this blond but everything else is real, even my name. My nails usually just have acrylic on top and no tips needed, they are very long themselves! And yes I am 6' WITHOUT THE HEELS. WHO MEASURES THEMSELVES WITH HEELS ON ANYWAY. I love dressing up in costumes and make-up but I always show the real me. I'm very approachable and friendly to everyone I meet. I know when to take thing seriously but always have a good time in life!

Do you have a sister?

Yes and she's also a beautiul model! She lives in the UK and has red hair. We are in someways a lot alike and love to do shoots together!

How long have I lived in Vegas?

7 years, I moved out here alone the day after my 18th birthday. Loved every second of it as well! I also have an apt. in NYC. I love it there too but could never live there full time. I travel a lot. I go to Florida, Seattle and Cali. I've been trying to make it other places in the country lately too!

Do you always wear acrylic nails?

I always have acrylic nails on. I prefer them long as well. I think they look very sexy and can type better with them long. I love to have pink nails.....of course! And french manicures. I also get my toes done a lot too. I do more foot modeling than anything. I like to primp myself a lot, it's part of my job as well, which makes it nice! I've had acrylic nails since I was around 14 years old. I love them! It was fun getting them really long for the shoot, it felt sexy! The girls at the salon were very interested as well!

Did you enjoy modeling for FN?

I had a very fun day shooting for the site! It was a lot of fun being sexy and showing them off! I work with lots of different fetishes and I know from my own life having long nials how many people love them. I constantly get compliments on the length. A lot of girls can't handle keeping them very long but I don't like them when they're short. Overall it was a great new experience and I think I did a very good job of dong things myself even with the long nails! It was a fun new challenge!


My experience with Clarissa was off-the-charts special in many ways. She was such a pro that we created tons of material from our short time, nearly double that of most shoots.

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