FAVORITE COLOR:  Black, purple, red.. Colors that are as deep and intense as I am.

FAVORITE MOVIES OR PLAYS:   Othello, Hamlet, most Shakespearean tragedies, Requim For A Dream, American History X, The Devils Backbone, Like Water for Chocolate. I love war movies and foreign films!

UNUSUAL FACT:  I'm a prof. salsa dancer and performance artist for popular clubs in town. I have a very multidimensional perspective on life. That, and I'm extremely clever ;)

AGE:  24

SIGN:  ARIES! Who would have guessed? heheheh....

HEIGHT:  5' 8"

EYES:  Midnight Black

FROM:  New York, NY

OCCUPATION:  Salsa dancer, Actress, Performer extraordinaire (What can't I do?)

OBSESSIONS:  Salsa dancing, Krav maga- Israeli military's form of martial arts, A fine caberet or merlot, Imported chocolate, Beluga caviar, and clove cigarettes

FAVORITE FN SHOT:  My fav salsa dancing dress!

HOBBIES:  Acting, Dancing, Thai boxing, Wine tasting, Traveling internationally


Bianca was one of my first models who did two shoots in 2003. We had many more scheduled, but they never panned out. Bianca's responded to an ad I had in a local newspaper, she had not done much modeling but thought it would be fun! It was!