AGE:  22

SIGN:  Cancer

HEIGHT:  5' 3"

EYES:  Hazel

FROM:  Austin, Texas

OCCUPATION:  Jill of all trades

OBSESSIONS:  Ice cream and Reptiles



FAVORITE MOVIES:  A Night at the Opera

FAVORITE BOOK:  Something Wicked this Way Comes

HOBBIES:  Rock climbing, Music, Gaming

Q & A

What was it like to model for

It was fun.  A couple of the bondage scenes weren't at all something that I would have imagined myself doing, but all in all it was quite an entertaining experience.

What would your friends say if you told them you were going to sport some fetish length nails for a month?

They'd laugh me out of the state. I'm actually a pretty big tomboy, so whenever I get the urge to be feminine (and it does happen) I have to endure lots and LOTS of teasing.

If your lover had a long nail fetish, would it be easy or fun for you to satisfy the craving?

Fun yes, I'm always looking for ways to spice things up a bit (just something different to do). Easy, no. At the end of a full day I was still getting used to having my nails that length.

What kind of shots on the website are your favorite? What would you like to see more of?

I'd like to see some goth-girl type stuff. Black and silver clothing (maybe in tatters), evil makeup, gothic crosses and oddly colored hair...It could be fun.

What types of material are you excited about creating in the future?

I really like classic style pinup girls, and think that it would be a lot of fun to do some stuff in that style, with maybe just a little kick added. I could have fun being a snake lady at some point. Also, I enjoyed getting all messy with the clay; I think I'd enjoy fingerpainting, or bodypainting with nails. Maybe at some point I could even get Rhett to spring for some liquid latex...

What are some of your favorite nail colors?

I love anything that glitters and sparkles.

Besides nails, what are some of your favorite fetish activities?

I don't know if it counts as fetish, but I love leather and latex. Tight shiny black clothing is goooooood. :) I've always wanted to play with liquid latex too, but have never gotten around to it. I've always been a bit interested in light bondage, but I've never had a partner who was quite comfortable enough with it to give it a whirl. Other than that, about the kinkiest thing I'm into is a little bit of light scratching, biting, and some hot wax.

What are some of your long term career goals?

I still have no idea. I'd love to be an art major, but I'm not quite sure whether that's a viable option these days. I've been thinking about biochemistry, but since I SUCK at math, I'm not sure whether I could actually pull it off :).


Angel did one shoot in our first year, 2003, and although we have occasionally discussed a return, it has yet to happen!! Angel's ruby nails are still near the top of my list for favorite nails on the site, despite the harsh way we destroyed them. I found Angel's attempt to play guitar and do art fascinating. Angel has a quick wit, a sarcastic sense of humor, and is full of mischief. I look forward to her return!