AGE:  20

HEIGHT:  5' 5"

EYES:  Blue


FAVORITE MOVIES:  Fight Club, Requiem For a Dream

FAVORITE FN SHOT:  Crate full of peanuts!

HOBBIES:  Writing, Photography, Cooking, Swimming, and Anything adventurous!

SPECIAL TALENT:  I played the piano for six years

Q & A

What was it like to model for

Modeling is a lot of fun! It gives me a chance to be creative and feel like a star for the day. While it is a lot of work, and changing clothes, eating, etc. is really hard to do with the fetish-length nails, I have a great time.

Have you ever had your nails done at a salon before the modeling? For what event?

Yes, for prom my sophomore year of high school.

What would it take for you to consider growing/wearing your nails at the same length you wore when you posed for FetishNails?

Hmm, perhaps a few thousand dollars or a trip to Europe might convince me!

If you decided to keep your great set of fetish-length nails after modeling, how long do you think it take you to get used to them?

Several weeks?

What kind of shots on the website are your favorite?

Portrait shots and the really crazy shots of nails with rings or pins through them.

What are some of your favorite nail colors?

Anything blue or metallic.


Alexia did three shoots in our first year, 2003. She was the first model who felt comfortable with all my bondage themed material and always asked to do more. She helped get the site rolling starring as the first regular update.. This was before I knew any models, she was one of the few local students I could convince to try modeling nails, and she rocked! We had a lot of fun, and her three shoots worth of material is varied and quite entertaining. No nudity required.